The Society of World Dance Masters (SWDM) Inc is a non-profit, non-political and non discriminating organization “open to the world” for all in dance and dance sport covering all dance sports genre including Performing Arts through to the Ballroom Couples faculties in an “open market” that allows freedom of participation and choice.

SWDM first formed in 1988 & has expanded through its alliances and affiliations that have been developed with the Philippine Professional Dance Sport Association, the World Casino Dance Federation (WCDF) Inc. and the  Austral-Asian Arts Theater Dance (AATD) Inc to now include 21 member countries with an individual membership base that includes some of the world’s leading experts on dance and dance sport that assists our Asian colleagues in developing knowledge and skills within the Art of Dance and Dance Sports.



Membership to the Society of World Dance Masters (SWDM) Inc is welcomed, Please see Membership Page for full information.

SWDM offers Member Dance Sport Teacher Scholarship Training & Licensing Programs.

Membership is open to:
1/ Professional/ Vocational Trainee or Dance Teacher/ Coach /Choreographer/Performer/ Master or Adjudicator/ Scrutineer 
2/ Social Dance Enthusiast/Amateur Medal Student or as an athlete competitor/ performer.
3/ Organization or group that represent a Country or a Region may apply affiliation or to form an alliance under negotiated and agreed terms.

Dance Your Life  To A New Tune Enjoying Superb Fun, Fitness and Friendship, Rhythmically Together!


President - Thomas Morris